Best Free Online Virus Scanners in 2020


A free online virus scan seems rather appealing. To begin with, it means that you do not need to download anything to test files for viruses. Besides, it is wholly free — and that is the best part. However, all of us know that free stuff is seldom high quality. That is why naturally the question “Can I trust it?” pops up.


What is an online virus scanner?

It’s a tool which enables uploading files and checking them for viruses. This means you could check only certain things, not the entire system.

While such tools can be no doubt convenient in certain circumstances, they can’t replace antivirus software. They can’t protect you from malware (best anti-malware software) and fix documents as they get infected. Additionally, these tools can check the document just for known viruses. An online virus scanner is not able to identify suspicious behavior and discover a previously unknown threat.

Therefore, we advise using these instruments only once you will need to check files for viruses and can not set up an antivirus program for some reason. Another way to use an online scanner is to get another opinion on a specific file.

But if the only reason you do not install an antivirus software is its cost, then you need to think about free selections reputable companies offer. Of course, such programs will have a limited set of attributes, but they will supply you with good protection at no price.


Best Virus Scanners You Will Have to Download First

Some popular antivirus providers provide separate scanning tools as well as antivirus solutions. They use the same scanning engine as the paid antivirus products, but might not always allow you to eliminate malicious trials after the scanning is finished. Additionally, unlike antiviruses, scanners do not offer you any real-time security but you can install one of the finest free antivirus software.

You will see virus scanners from reputable vendors. Despite the fact that you will have to download and install them, they will provide you more freedom because you won’t be limited in terms of file size.

The simple tool will operate along with your antivirus to keep you more secure online. It can detect Trojans, phishing, spyware, viruses and other cyber threats. Additionally, it is going to check your computer for viruses once per month.



All of the scanning tools are reliable enough to confirm the file for known malware and viruses. They may give you a second opinion on false positives or allow you to feel secure unpacking an archive or launch a .exe file.

But regardless of how well some of the recorded scanners, both online and installed, can detect malware, they do not guarantee complete protection against all of the cyber threats. You need to use these tools as an addition to the key antivirus software, not instead of it. Only this way you can make sure your computer is secure and clean from any viruses.