Most Secure Web Browser in 2020


Who could feel that one day, we will select the web browser based on its degree of security? This program was always considered as a medium between an individual and the Internet. Therefore, we all were choosing the most beautiful and convenient choice.

These days, every user whose apparatus is on the system is exposed to the possible threat. Hackers can find the benefit of everything — your credit card information, logins, and passwords, as well as your hardware.

Thus, we should always consider security. And select the most secure web browser potential along with the antivirus software and VPN, if you use one.


What Browser Could Be Called Secure?

Many desktop browsers include protective functions such as URL filtering, no monitoring, and download security. Therefore, in theory, they can be referred to as secure. Users have complete control of all of the settings related to security. They are even able to opt out of information collection, which was nearly always impossible to perform. Along with privacy, the mode is supposed to maintain the user anonymous while they are surfing the net.

But of course, built-in settings and attributes are not enough because Chrome, Firefox, as well as Edge offer added plugins to tune the browser. It allows keeping the software clean from any acts a user may not need — if you would like some additional features, do not hesitate to install plugins. Therefore, users may create a setup which will be suitable for them.

You should keep in mind that you cannot truly be safe online, even with the most secure web browser. So we have listed options that do not demand any tools yet provide some additional protection. Still, you must always have an antivirus program installed on your computer and think about using a VPN service.



It’s not easy to select the best browser because everybody has different needs. Judging by the degree of security, the Tor browser hands down wins the contest. It provides the user with maximum security online. However, a lot of individuals would find it very inconvenient for everyday use. So we would recommend having Tor for occasional demands — say, you may require some more security for certain activities.

Opera is very persuasive with a built-in VPN, ad-block, and convenient Opera Turbo feature. The only disadvantage is that this browser did not participate in the previous Pwn2Own competition. Thus, we can not be totally sure it is safe. So we would choose Firefox over Opera, though the first one does not provide built-in functions.

The optimal solution is the Chrome browser because of its stable work, quick performance, built-in security attributes, and the ability to set up additional security plugins. But in case you’ve got an ancient computer, you will have difficulty using Chrome. Though, if your hardware at least average, you will be OK with this browser.

But bear in mind that you still need antivirus software if you would like to keep your system secure!